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Our product development is based on a close cooperation between HE Tubing and its partners. HE Tubing will listen to a particular issue and will find the best possible solution. This is possible because the daily involvement from HE Tubing’s shareholders. Due to this commitment HE Tubing will services every customer’s needs.

“HE Tubing is always striving for perfection, there is always room for improvement.”

HE Tubing is always striving for perfection, there is always room for improvement. All of HE Tubing’s solutions are, for example, tested in simulators. These machines can simulate years of harsh weather conditions, including sand and dust in only a few weeks’ time. When a single product does not pass this comprehensive test the whole delivery will not be shipped to our partners. HE Tubing only wants the best. This is the reason why we use the latest technologies and the finest materials. The solutions of HE Tubing always meets and often exceeds all the necessary international requirements.

In order to ensure seamless serial production, quality planning during product development and start of serial production has to be highly effective. Our Product Development is based on close co-operation with our customers. We support our customers with their current and future needs. We have established a strong footprint in manufacturing and technical support allowing us to support our customers with class leading solutions and capabilities.

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Willem Jan Kerssen technical sales and business development

Willem Jan Kerssen
Technical Sales / Business development

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