An important challenge during heat exchanger design is to optimise the alloys. Alloys, the combination of the different materials of fin, Micro Port Extrusion (MPE) and header used in the heat exchanger.

HE Tubing’s alloy palette contains the most important alloys for thin wall aluminium MPE. All our alloys have been widely adopted and have been in use for a variety of applications over the last decades.

HE Tubing provides the best alloy selection by careful matching alloy capabilities to the functional requirements of your intended application. We help you to make the right consideration in performance factors like extrudability and/or corrosion resistance.

NEXCOR™ Long Life Alloys

NEXCOR™ Long Life Alloys (LLA’s): superior extruded aluminium MPE’s and Round Tubing for Automotive and HVAC/R heat exchanger applications.

  • Enhanced corrosion resistance compared to standard alloys.
  • Extends high efficiency life cycle of heat exchangers – limited tube-to-fin separation to degrade performance
  • Durable and promotes a higher post-braze strength for a more stable microstructure

NEXCOR™ includes three well engineered alloys:

  • AA3026 (C47B)
  • A3110 (C19E)
  • C47D

Chemistries of each are shown in the downloadable document. The comparison with the industry standards AA1100 and AA3102 are included in the document as well.

NEXCOR™ long life alloys were engineered in the late ’90s by Reynolds Metals Company/Alcoa. They were introduced in the heat exchanger market in the beginning of this century as additional alloys with enhanced corrosion characteristics by their chemical composition and billet treatment.

Improved corrosion resistance

With the right choice of materials for the fin and headers and eventually additional (braze) coating the corrosion resistance of your heat exchanger can be improved significantly. Recent SWAAT tests show results of 2.000 hours and more with the use of NEXCOR™ alloys.

The NEXCOR™ alloys AA3026 (C47B), C47B and AA3110 (C19E) are part of the NEXCOR™ family of alloys and patented products (US 6503466, US 6458224, US 6602363 and US 6656296).

HE Tubing Netherlands BV uses the alloys of the NEXCOR™ family under sublicense from SAPA AS and Alcoa Inc.

Other available alloys:

On customer specific request, we do have following Alloys available:

  • EN AW-3102 modified
  • EN AW-3003 modified
Quality Engineer Amol Suresh Jadhav

Amol Suresh Jadhav
Senior Quality Engineer & Material specialist

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For more alloy description, material data sheet and an overview of available flux coatings we refer to attached downloadable document.